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We strongly recommend early reservation for our German Shepherd puppies.
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Over 30 years of experience. Breeder, Importer and Trainer of world class working German Shepherds from the finest bloodlines in the world. Superb temperaments for loyal family companionship, K9 sports, law enforcement, personal protection, security dogs, guard dogs and therapy dogs.

My breeding program represents over thirty years of experience and knowledge. I do not blindly combine bloodlines or produce puppies merely to “have availability on hand,” but rather, cultivate with full awareness that the puppy should be a member of ta Family household for life.

While it is not the best analogy, a Jagermeister German Shepherd Puppy is analogous to a vintage wine. Vintage, again, in the sense that over 30 years of experience, raising, training and competing with German Shepherds, world-wide, is embodied in the temperament of Jagermeister offspring. I am NOT a puppy mill and limit my breeding program to two litters per year. Each litter is socialized and monitored in accordance to the most up to date of theories, while simultaneously reared in the best of traditional environments, a home with my children who just adore puppies. Strict attention is paid to the pregnant mother from nutrition to noise exposure (which is a good thing!) and of course, the temperament and genealogy of both sire and dam. Much thought and effort are expended into a Jagermeister puppy way before even conception.

A good faith deposit represents your commitment and enables me to learn more about your particular circumstances over time, so when the puppies arrive, I can assess each puppy in the context of those who have advanced within the waiting list. I ask for patience citing the age-old adage, that good things will come to those who wait. Thank you.

-Carlos Rojas


Bred 2/24/24 if pregnant due 4/24/24


Puppy Reservation List


Male Puppy Female Puppy
Scorcia Qi
Musciano Siegel

All our puppies are guaranteed on crippling hip dysplasia up to 24 months of age.

Having a puppy is a lifetime commitment.