Bubbly Pet: 10 Best German Shepherd Breeders (2022)

The article is written by John Carter (Bubbly Pet)

With so many self-claimed German Shepherd breeders out there, finding a reputable breeder might be difficult. Over the years, I’ve found out that the chance of finding a quality breeder is as high as running into puppy mills (beware!).

You don’t need to worry much, though! I am here to help you find a good breeder where you can purchase your German Shepherd puppy.

If you really are interested in owning one, you can scan through my top 10 list of the best German Shepherd breeders in America!

Vital information including the breeder’s facilities, achievement, and history are also listed to help you out in deciding where to purchase your German Shepherd puppy.

10 Places to Find German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

The following German Shepherd breeders are the best in the market which were handpicked through a set of criteria and considerations.

I can affirm that the breeders on this list are accredited and recognized by kennel organizations in the United States to ensure that puppies are bred according to the prescribed standards.

In this list, the professional background of the breeders and trainers, their facilities, and the credibility of the breeders are taken into consideration in recommending German Shepherd breeders to ensure that you will only meet puppies that are healthy and stable.

8. Jagermeister German Shepherds – New Jersey

This German Shepherd breeder has also been producing quality puppies for quite some time. German Shepherd pups are trained to attain superb temperament to be family companions or protectors.

This breeder is also involved in training shepherds for k9 sports, law enforcement, and therapeutic services.

Another great thing about this breeder is that they have dedicated facilities where the dogs could freely play and train. Their 12-acre property is solely structured to provide the dogs the space they need to enjoy and train.

Training obstacles are also present in the vicinity. Different training programs were established to address the needs that vary from simple tasks to advanced training.

As early as five months old, puppies can already be enrolled and trained in a special program in this breeding facility.

If you are interested in purchasing a German Shepherd puppy in Jagermeister, it is highly suggested that you should make a reservation as early as possible.

In addition, although their open field is spacious, they only have limited space for boarding and training programs so you should make an appointment earlier.

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Jagermeister Shepherds