Our Friend from Sennertal Kennel Came to Visit!

Emes Biro, my friend for over 2 decades from the Netherlands, visited us again in July 2018. Emes is the founder of world reknown kennel Sennertal working line German Shepherd.

I have been fortunate to have owned and used several Sennertal German Shepherd in my breeding program.

Xamm vom Sennertal
Qassy vom Sennertal
Qlijn Stormpje Twee vom Sennertal
Harley vom Sennertal

All top German Shepherd dogs with bloodlines to the Tiekerhook Kennel.

We had a great time as always. Trained some awsome dogs, reminised on old great stories… And great food!!! Thanks to Rio and our new student Emmanuel Hidalgo who extented hospitality fabulous BBQ!!!

2 Replies to “Our Friend from Sennertal Kennel Came to Visit!”

  1. Emes reunited with Qassy vom Sennertal.
    Qassy is now retired and becoming a house dog but she still got her alert barking!

    Working dogs will never forget what they get bred for. They have purpose in their life.
    It’s genetic!
    And we, the breeder and trainer have to bring out the best from the dogs.
    Genetically sound temperament, loyal companionship. What else you ask for?

  2. Yes, again this was awesome like always!! It is a honor for me, that the World Top Kennel Jagermeister Shepherds is using females from my breeding!
    I have no words for the great time and all the nice people I have met!
    Talking about training and breeding German Shepherds Working Line.

    So thanks again for this super stay!

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