Alpha K-9 Schutzhund Club Affiliation Trial

Alpha K-9 Schutzhund Club Affiliation Trial

August 3, 2002 Carteret, New Jersey

Entries: SchH1,2,3, BH
Judge: Joe Marcantonio

Helper: John Soares & Oscar Rojas

BH ADRAGO Fred Fritzgerald

BH KRIEGER Mark Barish

BH DASO Pat Harvery Harvery

SchH1 HANNA Oscar Rojas

SchH1 BRISTA Juan Rodrigues

SchH1 KURT Jim Honda

SchH3 CAY Carlos Rojas

SchH3 VIEN Chris Carr

SchH3 GOGART Jim Honda

Congratulations and best wishes to the new sanctioned Alpha K-9 Schutzhund Club in Carteret, New Jersey! Their affiliation trial was very successful and offered very exciting and outstanding performances at the various Schutzhund trial levels.

Nine participants were carefully evaluated and critiqued by popular USA Schutzhund judge/Northeastern regional director, Joe Marcantonio.

Very long and challenging day with 94 degrees heat and humidity.

Two SchH3 competitors culminated battling it out for 1st place. Carlos Rojas, club president, with his German Shepherd dog companion “Cay” archived an impressive score of 294 (99-96-99)! Chris Carr and his German Shepherds “Vien” turned in an excellent “V” score of 286 (97-96-93)!

Other great routines were performed by the following teams:

SchH3 Jim Honda X Gogart
SchH1 Oscar Rojas X Hanna
SchH1 Juan Rodriguez X Brista
SchH1 Jim Honda X Kurt
BH Fred Fritzgerald X Adraso
BH Mark Barish X Krieger
BH Pat Harvery X Daso

Special thanks to club secretary Helen and Jim, who did an outstanding job to coordinate and to record the trial’s events.

Our appreciation to John Soares who did an awesome job as the primary trial Decoy/Helper. Also John Soares, the club’s training director has achieved several high honors in the recent past, with his super SchH3 Doberman “Athena”. They earned 1st place honors at the Doberman Pinscher National Championship in 2001, and second place finish at the prestigious IPO Championships!

Impressive and dynamic performances were also shown by Alpha K-9 Schutzhund Club members, Fred Fritzgerald and Mark Barish.

Thanks to master trainer & world class Schutzhund competitor, Jim Hill and his Greater Philadelphia Schutzhund Club members. Also thanks to master helper/trainer/competitor, Chris Carr and his club members for supporting this first USA Schutzhund event for Alpha K-9 Schutzhund Club!

A truly good time was had by all. Each competitor received participation trophy and medallion. Judge Joe Marcantonio was received a gifts for his insightful contributions to the new clubs efforts. And as always, there was an abundance of delicious Cuban food (and beverages). Compliments of the generosity and hospitality of the families of the Alpha K-9 Schutzhund Club!!!